Volkswagen Group delivers record 5.73 million vehicles in 2006 / All brands and major regions with higher sales


Wolfsburg (ots) – Wolfsburg/Detroit, January 7, 2007 – In 2006, the Volkswagen Group delivered more vehicles to customers than ever before. The Group sold 5.73 million vehicles worldwide, corresponding to a rise of 9.3 percent compared with the previous year. „There was a marked increase in Group deliveries in all major regions. All brands contributed to this record“, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, commented in Detroit on Sunday. „I would like to thank everyone involved for this outstanding achievement. Above all, my thanks go to our customers, who once again showed great confidence in Volkswagen Group products last year.“

The Group’s progress in expanding its leading position in Western Europe was particularly impressive. 3.11 million vehicles (+ 5.8 percent) were delivered to customers in 2006. As in the previous year, the Group again topped the one million mark for vehicle sales in Germany. 1.11 million vehicles delivered to customers represents an increase of 7.3 percent compared with the previous year.

The Group also defended its market leadership on the Chinese passenger car market in 2006, delivering 711,000 vehicles, which corresponds to significant growth of 24.3 percent. Developments in the South America/South Africa region were equally positive, with vehicle sales up 14.9 percent to 683,000 units. In Brazil in particular, there was a strong rise of 15.1 percent to 441,000 vehicles. In the USA, the turnaround begun in 2005 continued as the Group delivered 330,000 vehicles to customers, representing an increase of 5.9 percent.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars, the core brand, reported a new record with 3.39 million vehicles delivered worldwide in 2006, corresponding to an increase of 10.0 percent. Market leadership in Western Europe was extended further, with vehicle sales totaling 1.52 million (+ 5.6 percent). There was also an increase in Volkswagen Passenger Cars sales in Germany, which rose by 7.4 percent to 571,000 units, strengthening the leading position on the German market. In China (including Hong Kong), sales of 625,000 units, corresponding to a rise of 22.3 percent, strengthened the pole position on the Chinese passenger car market. In South America/South Africa, deliveries to customers in 2006 rose by 15.0 percent to 571,000 units. Volkswagen Passenger Cars sold 235,000 vehicles on the US market – a rise of 4.9 percent compared with 2005.

Audi recorded its thirteenth successive delivery record in 2006. 905,000 vehicles (+ 9.2 percent) were delivered to customers worldwide. A key success factor was a further 5.5 percent increase in Western Europe, where 631,000 vehicles were delivered. In Germany, Audi sales rose by 4.3 percent to 258,000 units. There was also a strong increase in Central and Eastern Europe, where sales rose by 31.7 percent to 27,000 units. Audi growth was strongest in China, where 82,000 vehicles were delivered to customers, representing an increase of 38.8 percent. On the US market, Audi sales rose to 90,000 vehicles, up 8.5 percent compared with the previous year.

In 2006 the Skoda brand topped its record of the previous year, with worldwide sales of 550,000 vehicles representing a year-on-year rise of 11.7 percent. On its domestic market of Central and Eastern Europe in particular, Skoda sales rose by 14.0 percent to 212,000 vehicles. There was also an increase in Western Europe, with vehicle deliveries rising 9.1 percent to 301,000 units. The brand recorded its strongest growth in Germany, where deliveries to customers rose by 15.3 percent to 104,000 vehicles.

Last year, Seat delivered 430,000 vehicles to customers worldwide, with the 1.9 percent rise reversing the trend of the previous year. The upswing was chiefly due to 2.8 percent growth on the West European market, where 375,000 units were sold.

Bentley deliveries to customers worldwide in 2006 rose by 7.1 percent to 9,200 vehicles – likewise a new record for the British super-premium brand.

For the Italian super sports car brand Lamborghini, 2006 also bought a new all-time best, with worldwide sales totaling 2,087 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 30.4 percent.

The Bugatti brand delivered 47 vehicles to customers worldwide last year, its first deliveries as part of the Volkswagen Group.

In 2006 the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand delivered 442,000 vehicles to customers, representing a further 10.0 percent increase and marking yet another all-time best. Above all, growth on the West European market (271,000 vehicles, + 8.4 percent) and in Germany (123,000 vehicles, + 8.8 percent) contributed to this success. There was also noticeable growth of 18.1 percent in South America/South Africa, where 85,000 vehicles were delivered.

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