Prof Milberg: Hydrogen Car Bound for Success in the Market


Munich/Geneva (ots) – „I am convinced that in 10 years the BMW Group will already be selling several thousand hydrogen cars each year.“ Making this clear statement, Professor Joachim Milberg, the Chairman of the Board of the BMW Group, reaffirmed BMW’s pledge to hydrogen-drive technology on the eve of the Geneva Motor Show. BMW will be the first car maker worldwide to offer the hydrogen car as a regular production model, hydrogen-powered 7 Series saloons running for the first time at the EXPO 2000 World Fair in Hanover and Munich.

BMW has been pursuing a clear and consistent energy strategy for years, with the commitment to reduce emissions to zero and to use non-fossil primary energy as the Company’s long-term targets. Hydrogen is the best and most appropriate fuel in meeting these demands. BMW is the world leader in developing production-standard automobiles with hydrogen drive, focusing in the process on the combustion engine. „Alternatives such as the electric car involve so many restrictions that they are not accepted by the customer“, said Professor Milberg in Geneva. Back in 1983 BMW had already made an announcement at the Geneva Motor Show with a far-reaching impact in our world: Overcoming strong resistance, BMW at the time demanded the worldwide introduction of the catalytic converter. Just a few years later BMW then became the first European car maker to feature a fully-controlled catalyst in all of its petrol models.

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